Sneakers scheduled to be released this month from sneaker brands.

             8th of December

  1. Riccardo Tisci x Nikelab Air zoom legend. 

Price: $350.     ​    Riccardo tisci, the givenche creative director,drawed his inspiration from the 1990 aquaboots and the Chelseaboot to craft his nikelab air zoom legend.


             ​ ​    Part of Nike’s 12 Soles Collection, the Nike SF-AF1 features an all-White premium leather and ballistic nylon upper with a matching rubber sole. The shoe includes an extended collar with its unique ankle straps.


             ​ ​ Rihanna’s ongoing collaboration with Puma yields another instant hit with a winter version of her Fenty Suede Creepers. Don’t forget that the original name of the Puma sneaker is the “Suede”—it doesn’t actually describe the material of this shoe, which is a printed leather in brown-toned camouflage.

                            9th DECEMBER

.Reebok Ouestion OG”Blue Toe”.    Price: $140. kixify&Ebay

     ​    This classic Reebok Question comes dressed in it’s original White and Blue color scheme from 1996. Featuring a White leather upper with

Blue detailing and Red accents throughout. An icy translucent outsole completes the look.

.Nike Flyknit Racer Rough Green.
Price: $150

      ​      Dressed in a Rough Green, Black, Neutral Olive and Sequoia color scheme. This Nike Flyknit Racer features a full Nike Flyknit upper done in Olive tones with a digi-camo heel strip. 3M reflective detailing hits the heel, while sitting atop a White midsole and Black rubber outsole.

10th December

.Air Jordan 11 ”Space Jam”
Price: $220.

           ​  The 2016 edition of the highly-coveted Air Jordan 11 Space Jam will be making its debut this holiday season.

This iconic Air Jordan 11 features a breathable mesh upper and tonal leather accents on the rear. The model also sports a higher cut patent leather overlay which mimics the original pair that MJ first wore during the 1995 NBA Playoffs.
Other notable OG detailing ignclude the classic Concord Jumpman on its heels, the number “45” stitched on the back heel and while it’s not showcased, the classic “Nike Air” branded insoles will be added as well.

.Adidas EQT running support ’93 interceptor
Price: $170

         Australia’s own Highs & Lows boutique will soon deliver a special take on the adidas EQT Support 93. The upcoming model’s theme gains inspiration from one of the enhanced vehicles within the film Mad Max . The specific vehicle in the film known as the Interceptor and you’ll find its influence within the silhouette’s neoprene, waxed sailcloth, nubuck and aged cowhide materials. You’ll also find sand like speckles done in gold for a desert effect while a fading effect on its Three Stripes represent the exhaust pipes seen on the car in the film

.The collaborative Highs & Lows x adidas Consortium EQT Support 93 “Interceptor” will officially launch on November 26 exclusively at its boutique with a limited release to follow on December 10.



    ​ ​  It’s normal to feel sad, lonely and irritated sometimes but when that feeling continuous for about two or three weeks it turns into depression.Teenagers depression is way dangerous, it controls you in and out, physically and emotionally  causing you to loses weight and skin. 

Depression has costed me a lot in my life, my carrer and my relationship. 

Teenage depression can be confusing and frightening because it finds a way to control you and the people around.
About 90% of teenages who commit suicide are often depressed.



#1.Feelings of hopelessness & helplessness

#2.Exaggerated guilt and worthlessness 

#3.Frequent headaches

#4.Too much sleep

#5.Everthing and anything makes you cry

#6.Negative thoughts Or sucidal attempts.

.Consult a doctor or seek help from a therapist if your are experiencing any of this symptoms for professional care.

This are some suggestion to deal with teenage depression naturally or personally

1.Eliminate all source of depression:
          Know your vulnerabilities. Triggers maybe very specific to each individuals situation,since all our emotions are unique to some extend. Find out the why, the who, the what that causes your loneliness and try to deal with it more often.Focus on been happy.

2.Expose yourself to sunlight:
       Sunlight contains vitamin D,which increases your serotonin levels that boosts your mood,studies have shown that about 80% of introverts end up becoming preys to depression 

2.Avoid Alcohol or Caffeine:

       Alcohol and caffeine reduces your serotonin levels that cause you to feel down and powerless.

3.Eat frequently and healthy:
           Remember depression is a clinical disease like cold and flu,learn to live with it without allowing it to control or define you.Depression can also cause rapid loses of weight when you keep skipping diets because it feeds on you.

4.Stay connected to people you love:
     Shutting yourself out will
worsen your depression,happiness is the keyword here.Stay with people who are positive towards you and are going to respect you and your wishes.Depressed people normally need people to talk to people willing to listen and not judge 

5.Improve your life:

          Make a lot of changes,change the way you do things,try to do things that will make you happy more often. watch movies that will make you laugh.Change your diet,eat serotinin contained foods.

How to improve your life
6.Consult your doctor: 

 Understand  you can’t deal with depression all alone, try to seek help from a doctor or a family therapist if your depression gets worse that you have sucide thoughts call or visit or for help and advice

7.Fight out negative thoughts:

     Feel Positive, try to smile more often do what you love the most ,say what you feel and constantly remind yourself that you are beautiful and adorable.

        Exercise increase the energy levels. which  improves your can also add a mindfull element especially if your depression is rooted by unresolved trauma fed by negative thoughts.​


       ​  Highschool is a little overated if you ask mee.I remember trying to impress this girl who had a four boyfriends and five girlfriends(in terms of relationships),I used to call 9.she couldnt decide who to take to prom so she ended up taking the janitors son which was funny because she was like the queen bee in our school,she won homecoming queen tho. 

When I first started highschool,the first two weeks where like crazy weird.I made a lot friend both junior and seniors .I thought,hey I have friends now and the only high fantasy left was to find a girl.So I spent 2 and a half years in high school finding a girl. 

When I realized I had ruined usefuls days. Everything came flashing back like a Harry Potter movie. I starting thinking about prom and pranks.So I wrote about it. 

      10 things to do before highschool ends..

#1.Pull a Prank:
              Pranks do not always have to be dangerous or can call your school janitor act like you are the principal and trick him. 

#2.Go to Prom:
            Everyone knows prom night are now less fun like it was before but at least they have food more like snacks and it can sure be your happiest day ever on earth. 

#3.write a letter to the future you:
       If you’re a freshman you can write a letter or a note that describes who you you are way back .ie How slim,skinny or fat you were  so can read it after graduation and laugh about it with your friends.

#4.Apologies to everyone you did wrong:
           Say sorry to everyone you bullied, laughed at,cheated on or wrongful accused etc because you will never know what happens tomorrow.

#5.Give someone a gift:
            During my highschool year I bought the cafeteria woman’s son a toy car, you can also at least give something to some,it can be your teacher or your bestie.

#6.Go on your first that:
          This might not be important for some people but it’s helps you face your fear and more importantly you now know at least a thing or two about dating in real life.

#7.Confront your bully:
         This can be really hard but do it, I remember getting tossed of the lunch table with a broken wrist and a bruised I but in the end we became friends after detention.

#8.Take a Photo with your bestfriends:
         Photographs serve as references and other, In high school we took a group photo during mine time and evertime I see it I laugh. 

 #9.Go on a wild trip with you’re friends:
           On less you’re constantly skipping school, you can go on a road trip with your friend.

#10.Set a school record:
                   You can became the first person every do something genuine for the school like winning a swimming competition twice in a role.


             Normally for her birthday or during valentines day, all you do  is get box of chocolate,a birthday card then you both go over to a bar and celebrate.

         Well this  Christmas  try to raise your game and buy her a gift a little bigger and worth her love.

Christmas is a love-say-day where couples say “I LOVE U” but it can also be the day where she says “I HATE U AND ITS OVER

   Gifts are good gestures but it can also be a home wrecker and I know you don’t wanna be the guy who gets dumped on christmas day.

So here we are with _10 awesome gifts to get her this christmas,

#1.Kendall + kylie crossbody


​The Kendal +kylie brand is  by say the second biggest brand in the world, Girls also love handbags aside from makeups. 

#2.Easel Picture frame:


​There is a saying “A picture is worth a hundred word”.



​It has a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and nikkon VR II lens.who doesnt love picture taking .
#4.silver zirconia infinity & Heart lanel necklace:


#5.An Adorable Acoustic 



If she is a music lover then this Acoustic guitar is the best gear to buy for her this Christmas and for a tip(learn to play a song for her) before you give it to her.



If your booboo is s fitness guru then there you go order it on for a cool price and impress her.

#7.BOOK HER A TICKET :If you are in a long time relationship with her,talk to her family and friends before you book her the tickets.​

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Improving your life is a transition,it takes lots of time and attention to get to your goal.People always want a great life but donot won’t to take risk.Everyone knows that there is no such thing as instant improvement.


     These tips will help you improve your life a sonner_6 ways to improve your life..



            Try to smile everyday to everyone you see.People love to talk to people who are friendly and positive.

#2.EAT HEALTHY:.           

      Good nutrition helps the body grow well and if the body is in a good shape the mind is too.

              At least try to workout twice a week or attend a yoga class often,(what is yoga)yoga is an ancient technique that improves your spiritual,mental and physical connection with your body and self.

You can also walk around daily
for about 30minutes to strenght some muscles everday if you are not a fan of yoga or workouts..


                Try to do something during your leisure time like blogging,designing,photography  to eliminate lazy thoughts


                 You are the entrepreneur of your life,you make and we all know not every decision gives a very good result,so be prepare to face the consequences of your action at all cost don’t run from it.


                     Learn another language,do things that are out of your zone improves self love,facing your fears prevent stagefright,apply for a contest sharpeing your mind.

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